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Government Development Center is a friend to you as a business owner, and in many cases could be the best resource available to show you how to tap into the vast spending of the Federal government, as well as state and local government agencies.

Our goal is to take you through the process of getting your commercial company on the GSA Schedule, which will enable you to sell your product(s) and/or services to the government.

We strive to be your best resource by showing you how to tap into the vast spending of the Federal government, as well as state and local government agencies.  Since this is our business, we are very familiar with the various aspects of the whole process.



Listed below are some of our specialties.  These are programs that are designed to help the government procure products and services more easily, by streamlining the buying process:

Multiple Award Schedules program (MAS) – this is also often referred to as the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) or more simply as the GSA Schedule

California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) and Texas Multiple Award Schedule (TXMAS) – These are in addition to the Federal schedule.  These programs are used by state and local governments to make purchases from the MAS.

Department of Defense (DOD) EMALL – this is a common procurement vehicle for the Department of Defense.  The DOD does buy through the MAS, but different types of products and services “fit” into this program.  An example would be a fuels broker – that type of business would not fit on the MAS, but is a great fit for the DOD EMALL program.



In addition to the above, we also specialize in Certifications.  When your business is certified in one of the following ways, it means that you can benefit from government “set asides” – money that is designated and must be spent with various types of certified businesses.  We want to make sure your business has all of the proper certifications that apply, including:

8a – this is the Business Development Program for socially and economically disadvantaged.

8m/Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) – there is an important distinction to understand between women owned business status, and the WOSB certification. If a company is only designated as a woman owned business, the government has guidelines that state they should spend “some” money on that business.  If the business has the 8m WOSB certification, the government is required to spend at least 5% of their total budget with that business.

Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (EDWOSB) 

Veteran (VOSB or SDVOSB) – if a principal in the business has served in the military, it is a nice advantage to get this certification.

Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone – if your business is in a rural community, and you employ people that live in that community, you may qualify for this certification.  This would give your business “preferential access” to certain federal purchases and procurements.



We also are able to offer professional marketing services.  Just getting on the GSA Schedule is not enough – the government needs to know about you and be aware of what products and services you offer.  We start by creating a custom marketing plan so that you have full knowledge of who actually purchases your products and services.  In addition, we offer:

  • Custom Marketing Plan Design
  • Print Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Help with setting up CTAs and sub-contracting opportunities



Registrations are important for a variety of reasons.  We handle:

SAM – The System for Award Management

SAM will incorporate current federal procurement systems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance into a sole new, efficient system.  This consolidation is being done in phases. The first phase of SAM integration occurred in 2012 and includes the following systems:

  • (CCR) Central Contractor Registration
  • (ORCA) Online Representations and Certifications Application 
  • (FEDREG) Federal Agency Registration
  • (ELPS) Excluded Parties List System

Other systems that will ultimately be combined into SAM are:

  • (FBO) Federal Business Opportunities
  • (CFDA) Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance 
  • (ESRS) Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System
  • (FPDS-NG)  Federal Procurement Data System – Next Generation
  • (FSRS) Federal Sub award Reporting System
  • (PPIRS) Past Performance Information Retrieval System
  • (WDOL) Wage Determinations Online


GSA Contract Management

Finally, GDC offers expert complete GSA Contract Management Services.  This includes:

  • SIP Catalog uploads
  • Modifications
  • IFF Filings
  • Add/Remove Items
  • Price Changes
  • Renewals
  • Extensions
  • Consulting
  • CAV Preparation
  • RFQ Assistance


Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) report

The Government Development Center knows that making a decision to get on the GSA schedule is an easy one but choosing the right company is not. Because we want our clients to feel comfortable with us, we make our Dun & Bradstreet’s Open Rating Report available to all of our clients and potential clients.


Due to our commitment of providing the highest quality of customer service we also undergo the same Past Performance Review that GSA uses to qualify contractors. Our intention is to determine what areas we need to focus on in order to meet our goal of 100% satisfaction.

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