GSA Addresses Commercial Supplier Agreements

GSA Addresses Commercial Supplier Agreements

On July 31st, 2015, GSA issued a class deviation to address 15 common Commercial Supplier Agreement (CSA) terms that conflict or are otherwise incompatible with Federal law

The class deviation will protect GSA, contractors, and federal agencies by uniformly addressing common unacceptable terms, immediately reducing risk, reducing administrative costs, and further streamlining the acquisition process for commercial-item supplies and services.

The class deviation clauses will be incorporated into contracts and contract vehicles where products or services are offered with CSAs. The class deviation will streamline CSA negotiations, and enable consistent contract terms that are compliant with Federal laws while meeting the ordering activity’s needs.

The deviation is an important step as we incorporate improvements to ensure that GSA’s contracting vehicles remain the best solution for both government buyers and suppliers.

For more information, please take a look at the FAQ document posted on or contact GDC (Government Development Center) at 888-232-3650 or



Source:GSA Interact email notification 26Aug2015

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