GSA Advantage

The GSA Advantage is hosted by the General Services Administration.  If you are a business owner – whether small or large – you owe it to yourself and your company to check it out.  It might be just what your marketing plan is missing.  Being option of being included on their website is open to every company that meets the requirements.

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What is it?  It is the one-stop shop for all Federal and some state agencies seeking essential supplies – including items such as office supplies, furniture, hospitality items, to name a few – for their offices or departments.  This includes all Federal agencies plus the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Navy.  The GSA Advantage! is the online, streamlined mega mart for all products and services that are used by the governmental agencies around the world.  It also is sponsored and approved by the GSA which breeds confidence for both the buyer and the vendor.

A federal agency or branch of the military needing a specific product or service goes to to begin shopping.  They have the ability to compare pre-approved source companies all vying for their business.  The agencies can shop with confidence knowing that the companies on the GSA website will be reputable, and competitive with their pricing.

How do the agencies use the GSA Advantage?

  • to easily find companies offering the product or service they need.  All vendors are grouped according to their product or service type.
  • to shop online easily and efficiently – no matter where the agency might be located.  The most remote agency is now of equal footing by being able to shop online.
  • to compare pricing, availability, and shipping options.  Before finalizing a purchase, a buyer can take into consideration all of these when deciding on which quote to accept.
  • to gather quotes on the desired product or service before placing an order.  Vendors come to you instead of you having to go out searching for them – saving you time and money.
  • to track their order once placed and knowing when to expect delivery.
  • to re-order the same product with the same company at a later date – again saving you time.


How can the GSA Advantage help your business?  That is the question that you should be asking if you desire to build your company and increase your sales.  With millions of dollars in products and services sold monthly, why miss out?

What are some of the benefits for your company of being listed in the GSA Advantage?

  1. Worldwide exposure for your products or services.  Getting your name out there is a cornerstone of all marketing plans.
  2. Exclusive ability to sell to all Federal and some state agencies – regardless of their location
  3. A slice of the large annual market – why not take advantage of it?
  4. Ability to identify future potential partners who could team with your company in providing products and services to additional federal agencies
  5. Ability to list your GSA Advantage membership on your company website for all to see resulting in the additional confidence of your current private customers.

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