GSA eBuy

GSA eBuy is the innovative e-business offering from the General Service Administration.  It is the responsibility of the GSA to oversee the list of vendors who have met all the standards established by the GSA.

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The GSA schedule takes the headache out of purchasing for federal agencies or military branches.  Those entities may receive quotes from GSA approved vendors knowing that all have the proven capability to deliver the goods or services in a timely, responsible manner.  It is a win-win system for both buyer and vendor.

What the GSA eBuy program offers buyers:

  • It is a program designed to streamline the process of purchasing essential office supplies, furniture, and services that all federal agencies and military branches require to operate efficiently as they provide services to their constituents.
  • It is an electronic service that allows potential buyers the ability to personally seek out specific vendors of choice under the category of interest.  The buyer can peruse the vendors listed under a specific topic and then either contact them or request a quote.
  • The buyer can post on GSA eBuy their request for a quote or proposal from all approved suppliers listed under a specific category of interest thus locating new suppliers. It is designed as a one-stop shop reducing the time purchasing officers spend locating necessary quotes.
  • Potential buyers can also use the GSA eBuy to seek information about products or services before placing a request for a quote.  They can do their homework before hand to determine the expected price which will aid in putting a budget proposal together for their own company.
  • Buyers can obtain quotes on anything from large ticket items to multiples of smaller items such as pens, paper clips or printer cartridges.
  • Buyers can obtain pricing and shipping options for comparison before finalizing their purchase.


How the GSA eBuy program helps buyers:

  • It simplifies and speeds up the procurement process in a cost effective manner.  Being an electronic service, it offers even the most remote federal agency or military branch access to vendors via the convenience of the internet.
  • Online shopping allows increased exposure to worldwide suppliers without travel time.  It reduces the many man-hours used to locate potential vendors.  EBuy can also connect purchasing agents with vendors that they didn’t know existed, thus increasing their supply base.
  • It can also be used to easily forward requests for quotes for others to review making communication streamlined.
  • The program makes it easy to submit modifications to requests and/or attach necessary documents.  Again, the savings in time and travel make eBuy a wise choice and a governmental program worth its weight in gold for GSA Schedule members.


How the GSA eBuy program helps vendors:

  • It supplies a potential worldwide client base of countless proportions.  The internet can connect buyers and suppliers that would not otherwise be aware of each other.
  • Allows your company access to all requests for quotes that have been posted.  Without leaving home, vendors can submit quotes anywhere in the world.
  • Ebuy will help your company with sales development and increase revenue.
  • It will also notify you of posted requests and potential sales and searches.  Quote requests will come to you instead of your having to beat the bushes to locate sales.
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