How to Successfully Market to the VA

How to Successfully Market to the VA

One of what I consider the best parts of the National 8(a) Association conference is the informative tracks of sessions they set up for the attendees. There are various speakers, from our partners at EZGovOpps (information and link under our Search Contracting Opportunities tab) to Primes to Agency representatives. Let me share with you the main thing Tom Leney from the VA reiterated – KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. I have attended many meetings and conferences during my time at Government Development Center (GDC), and many more throughout my career, and that statement holds true no matter what you are selling.

Here are a few takeaways for the VA (though it could be applied to any agency):

  • Know the lingo – If you don’t understand and speak the language they speak (FSS, VISN, SOA, etc), you’ve lost them.
  • Know what they buy – Check agency forecasts; if they don’t buy what you sell, you are wasting their time.
  • Know how you can save them time/money – If you can’t make it easier for them, they lose interest
  • Bring with you a way they can buy – Federal Supply Schedules (FSS/MAS/GSA Schedules) are like an easy button. Find a contracting vehicle that makes it easy for them to buy from you.


…and do NOT come in to a meeting and lead by telling them what you do and how great you are. The first thing they want to know is that you KNOW THE CUSTOMER (see points above).

If you would like to know more, contact us at 888-232-3650 or

GSA Sales Reporting Time is Upon Us

Government Development Center logoSales Reporting Period for Q1 2015 

Its that time again when we remind everyone to file all sales through their Schedule Contracts in the 72a System. This period covers sales between October 1 and December 31, 2014. If you are a Government Development Center (GDC) client, feel free to email or call these in so we can file your report. We are also here to address any questions on what needs to be reported and to verify that there have been no sales that were open market reported by an agency against your contract. This is an important compliance issue, and one that you do not want to wait on until it comes up in a Customer Assistance Visit (CAV) by your GSA IOA.

If you hold a medical schedule that is administered by the VA, you have an extra 30 days to file…but for those with GSA administered contracts, you must file by January 30th to remain in compliance. Feel free to contact GDC at 888-232-3650 or info@GovDevCtr with any questions.

We’ve Listened to Your Requests for Contract Management

We’ve Listened to Your Requests for Contract Management…

After receiving multiple requests over the past year for a Contract Management package, Government Development Center (GDC) has developed an a-la-carte Management package to help you keep your GSA or VA Schedule contract up to date and in compliance according to your award. This has always been available as a combined offering with Marketing of your GSA Schedule contract, on which our fees were based upon percentages of your GSA sales. It is now available a-la-carte for those who have outgrown the Marketing/Management package, or have an in-house marketing team focused on your GSA products/services.

With this new package, GDC will take care of the administrative functions required in your contract. This includes Modifications (additions, deletions, price changes, etc), Mass Mods as Schedules refresh, IFF sales reporting, and consulting services as related to your GSA Contract. We will also assist with CAVs (often referred to as audits), options to extend contract, and other  requirements as they come up over the life of the contract…such at the new CAGE requirement in SAM and the new service reporting requirements on GSA service related contracts.

If you are interested in finding out more about this new program, or if you need GDC to step in now for contract compliance cleanup, please call us at 888-232-3650 or email


Only 2 Months Left in Fourth Quarter; Are You Poised for the Surplus Spending?

More than 30% of government contract spending occurs in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year (July through September)?  Are you in the position to take advantage of this record breaking spending spree?

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Time to file!

It’s that time of year again…time to file your IFF/72a for Q3 2014

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My Offer is in eOffer, Now What?

The first thing to expect after your offer has been submitted to GSA is an automated email that your offer has been received. This is normally auto generated the day you submit in the GSA eOffer system. The next email may come anywhere from a few hours to a few month later, depending on the queue or backlog in your Schedule’s Region. This email will give you the name of the GSA Contract Specialist who will be working your offer.

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GSA Multi-Agency Industry Day (Region 4)

Two representatives from our GDC marketing team had the privilege of attending the Multi-Agency Industry Day, sponsored by GSA Region 4/Southeast Sunbelt Region this week in Atlanta. We also met up with several of our clients at this event/matchmaking day.

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GDC Signs with EZGovOpps

This week, Government Development Center entered into an agreement with EZGovOpps – a leading Government Marketing Intelligence provider. Through this new relationship, GDC has access to real-time analytics and comprehensive contract data.

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Updates at GDC Marketing

2014 is off to a great start here at Government Development Center(GDC). We are staffing up our Marketing Department, and have brought on additional representatives to assist with our Marketing efforts on your behalf.

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GSA Educates Federal Buyers on Use of Schedules

Government Development Center (GDC) makes use of conference and expo time to help in GSA’s initiative of educating Federal (and allowed) buyers on the ease of using Schedules for their procurements.

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