GSA’s Professional Services Schedule

GSA’s Professional Services Schedule


There has been a lot of questions arise since GSA’s announcement of the Professional Services Schedule that will incorporate SINs for Professional Services found in eight Schedules – MOBIS 874, IT 70, Environmental 899, PES 871, Language 738II, AIMS 541, FABS 520, and LogWorld 874V. With some 4400 contracts falling under these professional services, many current contractors, those who have submitted offers, and those who are still in the process of preparing an offer need to stay up to date as the processes change throughout this migration.

We at Government Development Center (GDC) have already moved new offers to the 00CORP Schedule docs… if you are attempting an MAS application on your own, be sure you are not submitting under an old Schedule and SIN. The MassMods for already awarded single contracts that fall within Professional Services are slotted for release in August 2015. Region 10 of GSA has begun the tedious process of migrating contractors with 2 of more contracts to 00CORP. It is now anticipated this process should be completed during Q1 FY 2016.

The following questions were addressed in the most recent email received today from GSA interact:

Q:  What will be the impact on the required sales minimums when multiple schedules are migrated to the new PSS?

A: There will be no impact as there is no change to the required minimum sales criteria – it is the same as it was under the single schedule programs (e.g. $25,000 in the first two years with $25,000 every year thereafter.)

Q: I have a question in regards to SIN C132-51 – if a company applies for a PSS Schedule, under a MOBIS or PES SIN, would they then be able to add SIN C132-51 after the contract has been awarded? Or do you have it awarded separately under the IT 70 Schedule? Thank you in advance for your help.

A: No, if a company applies for any SIN under PSS they can at the same time apply for one of the complementary SINs (e.g. C132-51). The PSS program is non affiliated with Schedule 70. PSS is simply “sharing” the SIN to allow for a total solution.

Q:  Company B has a single MAS.  We are coming up on the last year of the second option period (2/28/15-2/27/16) and have not received a letter advising of the migration process to the new Professional Services Schedule as indicated in the following document —  Professional Services Schedule – Migrations 12-1-2014.  Can you please provide guidance on what we need to do in order to smoothly migrate to PSS?

A:  Because you only have one contract your firm is not impacted by the migration process.  The migration process only impacts firms with two or more contracts under any of the affected programs (MOBIS, PES, Environmental, Logworld, Language, AIMs, or FABs).  In your case you will eventually see a mass modification issued against your contract that will change your program name to PSS and the solicitation number that governs clause updates to FCO-00CORP-0000C. The estimated date for the mass modification is August 2015. Watch for updates.

Q:  Company C holds two GSA schedules- MOBIS (SIN 874-1 and 874-7) and IT 70 (SIN 132-51).  Our MOBIS contract has recorded over $1 million in sales for FY14.  We were awarded the IT 70 schedule in October and do not have sales.  I have not yet been contacted in regards to migrating my GSA schedules. The FAQ stated that companies holding multiple awards should already be in the migration process.  I am concerned about this based on the timelines I saw when accessing the FAQ website.  If there is any assistance that you could provide, it would be greatly appreciated.

A: While it it true that your firm holds two single schedule contracts; only the MOBIS contract falls under the Professional Services Schedule (PSS). The IT Schedule is not  part of the PSS program. However, while the IT Schedule itself is not part of the PSS, SIN C132.51 is complementary to the PSS schedule and can be added once any migration is complete of two or more affected contracts.

Q: Is Cooperative Purchasing allowed on the new Professional Services GSA Schedule?

A: No, cooperative purchasing is not allowed under the new PSS. Keep in mind that only services under Schedule 70 – IT  are sanctioned for cooperative purchasing and under the PSS program, the IT SIN supported (C132-51) is ancillary to the professional services of MOBIS, PES, etc.  The intent is not that C132-51 be used as a stand alone SIN.

Q: When GSA creates the refresh or modification to effectively consolidate eight of the Professional Services Schedules to PSS, will all schedule holders receiving the modification be required at that time to recertify as to their Small Business size?

A: No only those firms that are affected by the migration process (firms who hold two or more contracts under the affected programs) will have to recertify.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please visit OR contact us at or 888-232-3650.


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