How to get on the GSA Schedule

How to get on the GSA Schedule – this is the question that we get asked all the time.  Once a business owner realizes the huge opportunity that exists by being eligible to do business with the Federal Government, he or she is anxious to get the process moving forward.  That’s where we come in.

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Getting on the GSA Schedule, which means your company has a pre-approved contract to do business with the government, is a process that involves multiple steps.  We assist you in this process.

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 1: Determine if your company is eligible
For your business to qualify for a GSA Schedule contract, you need to be financially stable and in business for at least 2 years.  Your past performance will also be evaluated.  In addition, your products must be in compliance with the Trade Agreements Act, and must be manufactured (or substantially altered) in the US or another specifically designated country.

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 2: Complete the necessary registrations
In order to do business with the federal government, you need to complete these.  First, you will need a Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S Number.  Second, you need to register your company on the Central Contractor Registration.  Third, you will need to create your Online Representations and Certifications Application.  This all might sound confusing, but we handle these things regularly.

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 3: Get a past performance evaluation
When you file your proposal to get on the GSA Schedule, you must include an official performance evaluation from Dun & Bradstreet.  This evaluation costs $185, and can sometimes take more than a month to get back, so you should consider ordering it early.  Not too early though – the evaluation is only good for 12 months.

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 4: Determine the proper schedule, and download the solicitation
You will need to determine which of the roughly 50 different GSA Schedules is appropriate for your company’s product or services.  Why are there 50 schedules?  Because there are over 11 million products and services available.  Getting on the right schedule from the beginning is critical.  We know how to make that happen.

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 5: Prepare your proposal
This step can be the most data-intensive and time-consuming step in the process.  Each proposal (solicitation) must include financial and corporate information, your commercial practices, a proposed list of GSA prices, and information on the past performance of your company.  Many companies that try to do this on their own end up submitting proposals that contain mistakes, and thus get rejected.  Don’t let that happen to you!

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 6: Your proposal gets reviewed
After your proposal has been submitted electronically, a GSA Contracting Officer will complete a very detailed, thorough review.  This review process commonly includes the Officer requesting additional information, so don’t be alarmed when that happens.

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 7: Negotiate pricing and submit final proposal
After the review has been successfully completed, you are well on your way to getting on the GSA Schedule.  There is just one hurdle left – you need to negotiate your pricing and come to an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties involved.  You need to have a strategy in mind prior to that negotiation.  When that is done, you simply revise your proposal to include all of the other details as well as the newly agreed on pricing.

How to get on the GSA Schedule, Step 8: Receive your contract award
The day you’ve been waiting for!  After submitting your final proposal, it takes about a week for you to receive your GSA Contract Award and Contract Number.

Getting on the GSA Schedule can be a complex process –
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