Businesses with an interest in winning government contracts from federal, state, local and agencies know that government marketing strategies differ from those in the private sector.

Government contracting is a very competitive and complex marketplace, predominantly due to its high profitability potential. Companies of all sizes, from small micro-firms with one employee to large corporations with thousands of employees, have prospered in selling their products and services to government agencies at the federal, state, city, county and municipal levels.

To be successful, your organization first needs to understand the basics of government marketing.

Just as you market your commercial business, you must also market your business to government customers, including both agencies and government contractors.

  • First, Find your target Government Consumers with Market Research. Remember, there are a lot of small businesses like you competing for contracts, so it’s important to conduct thorough market research.


  • Second, your company should have a government-focused capabilities statement. A capability statement should be very brief (less than two pages), very direct, and specific to the individual agency’s needs. Your capabilities statement is a living document that should change depending on the targeted agency.


  • Third, you should consider optimizing your company’s web presence. Provide a web address that sends your prospective customer directly to your government-focused information page.


  • Fourth, Get you company name and information in the hands of the right buyers. Go to government trade shows and conferences, send emails, register your company, even show up and introduce yourself in person, with your capabilities statement in hand.


Once you get your foot in the door the possibilities are endless. Government sales are just like commercial sales in that respect. It is all about building and sustaining relationships. The sales cycle doesn’t end upon contract award and your marketing strategy shouldn’t either. Focusing on contract renewals and expansions become easier with a proven marketing strategy.

One of the ways to avoid getting, well, avoided, is to clearly communicate what your product or service can do on a repetitive basis to brand your companies message. Whether you have a long-term contract or your looking for your first contract, using some or all of these strategies will help your business.

GDC will help develop your strategy to create a robust marketing outreach plan, then help you execute it for maximum results.


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